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Harmonic Planet

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For the adventurous soul seeking sonic ecstasy. Ascend into a shimmering universe that seems to transcend time and space. You emerge feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalized. Harmonic Planet CD includes two complete 30 minute soundtracks by R. Brian Caldwell: the underground classic, HARMONIC BRAINWAVE SYNERGY plus ENERGY / ECSTASY
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Creativity Generator

Listen to Creativity Generator ULTRA . . .
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Activate and enhance your creative power. Clear the way to receive fresh insight and  manifest more positive results in your life. Listen to the relaxing, swirling sounds. Now, allow yourself to experience an easy flow of vivid insights that will surprise, delight, and inspire you to fulfill your destiny of self-expression! Two 30 minute soundtracks.
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Inspiration Point

Listen to Inspiration Point . . .
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Uplifting, inspiring voices invoke peace, joy and lightness of being. Soaring, soothing melodies amid swirling, sparkling, celestial harmonics revitalize body, mind and spirit. This beautiful music is sure to send your spirit soaring. It could change the way you think about sound. Inspiration Point is very highly recommended! Inspiration Point: 60 minutes.
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