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“A shimmering sensory-aesthetic experience, with profound implications for healing or balancing of physical, emotional and/or mental conditions.” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Forum

“A gentle inner massage in your brain. Spiraling sound patterns expand consciousness as if you are lying in an  enormous hall of sound. Very soothing.” 
Sono Museik,
The Netherlands

" There  are no limits to the level of vibration we can attain with the aid of this extraordinary tool. Thanks Brian!”
Chris Jefferson,
Reiki Healing, Canada

“Its cascading and at-times 'angelic' sounds are highly relaxing and soothing . . . Any body suffering from modern-day stresses is bound to enjoy the relief this music offers . . . (the sounds are) conducive to improved functioning and renewed pleasure . . . definitely a pleasurable experience!” Helen B. Harvey, editor, Rainbow City Express

“I just love your world of harmonies. You see, this is what I've been looking for during the years. You made me float away, drift into another universe and to return filled with new experience of everything that has been beyond my reach, until now!”
Monika G., Sweden

This is just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your music. I love to listen to the Creativity Generator as I fall asleep. It puts me in such a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. It elicits deep emotional responses from within my subconscious. I feel as though I am literally in heaven. Please continue producing more of this type of recording.”
Paulette J., Ohio

Your CD seems to produce a very profound state of relaxation along with vivid imagery . . . and a deep feeling of peace that seems to last several hours after the program is over.” Anon

When I use my ear phones, I am in another dimension, another state of consciousness that is more real than reality. It brings me in touch with who I am and why I am here. Your work is a real contribution to the Earth. thank you for sharing your new work.”
Barbara P., Arizona

The beautiful blending of music and sound frequencies is like a nightly "brain massage" we wouldn't think of ending a day without! Thanks Brian!”
Ron & Cheryl Salerno, CT

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Your ExperienceAmbient Music for Inner Harmony. . .
So Relaxingyet goes far beyond ordinary relaxation music . . .

Sedona Sound Spa™ is a series of three musical albums composed by Sedona's Neuro-Ambient™ composer, R. Brian Caldwell. This series combines the musical forms of sacred geometry, celestial harmonics, brainwave frequencies and dynamic Sounds-in-Motion™. Flowing, swirling ambient sounds surround you, evoking a peaceful, balanced feeling of well-being. These feelings are enhanced through sounds that work synergistically with stereo headphones. You’ll feel as though you’re immersed within an ever-evolving, spiraling soundfield.

These three soundtracks are gateways to harmonious consciousness, peak performance, soul healing and profound relaxation. Regular use may enhance creativity, awareness and a heightened sense of well-being. Let"s present the Sedona Sound Spa series to you in detail . . .

Harmonic Planet

Harmonic Planet LISTEN—
Two 30-minute soundtracks:
Harmonic Brainwave Synergy and Energy / Ecstasy

Harmonic Brainwave Synergy on track one combines tone, rhythm, harmonics and psycho-acoustic processing into a powerful trigger for peak experiences. Continually ascending, spiraling sounds create a feeling as though you're timelessly floating through space. The rhythmic placement of sounds within a richly harmonic stereo field activates whole-brain resonance and balance. The resulting focused, relaxed state of mind can bring you feelings of expanded awareness. Harmonic Brainwave Synergy features sound frequencies in the Theta/Delta brainwave range, 3.9 Hz. This frequency is said to facilitate crystal-clear meditation, lucid dreams and enhanced inner awareness.

Energy/Ecstasy on track two orchestrates four celestial frequencies and their harmonic overtones into a musical journey that's energizing and balancing on four levels. Here's how it works: This piece is inspired by the astronomical calculations of Hans Cousto in his work, The Cosmic Octave. Cousto observed that when certain celestial frequencies are brought into the audible spectrum, the tones exhibited specific healing qualities. For instance, the frequency of the Earth's daily rotation can be expressed as an audible tone by repeatedly doubling the frequency by virtue of the law of the octave. Each octave of a tone, say from C# up to the next C# is exactly double the cycles per second. This calculation can be done on any frequency in order to bring it into a range within the audible spectrum. The tones featured on Energy/Ecstasy are:

G  -The Earth day tone is invigorating and stimulating on the physical level.
C# -The Earth year tone feels relaxing and soothing to body and mind.
F  -The tone of a Platonic year has a clarifying and cheering effect on the emotions.
B  -The tone of the Sun is the tone of experience on the quantum level; beyond space and time.
Both soundtracks on Harmonic Planet are recommended for deep meditation, profound relaxation, lucid dreaming, anchoring affirmations and releasing "stuck" feelings, patterns and behaviors.

Creativity Generator ULTRA

Creativity Generator ULTRA LISTEN
Two 30-minute soundtracks: Creativity Generator and Creativity Generator ULTRA

The CLASSIC version is very ambient, lyrical and flowing, while the ULTRA remix adds synchronized rhythmic elements dancing about the stereo field.

Creativity Generator is specially composed to nurture and expand your creative abilities. Research indicates that a relaxed, focused state of mind usually accompanies truly creative thinking. When we experience mental clarity, our mind becomes receptive, relaxed and centered. Creativity Generator features frequencies that correspond to the Alpha/Theta brainwave range7.83 Hz, the resonant frequency of the Earth, known as the Schumann (or Schuman ) Resonance. This zone of consciousnessthe cradle of creativity, inspiration and visualizationis also the realm of holistic comprehensionthe ability to see and feel "big picture" as they say.

Creativity Generator's multidimensional soundscape gently guides you to a place where access to your higher potential is easy and pleasurable. Use it for intensifying creative visualization and intuition, balancing body/mind energy flow, melting tension and freeing blocked energy.

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point LISTEN—
A complete meditation in 60 minutes or less

Inspiration Point features a swirling, harmonically rich and resonant soundscape. The focus is on soothing, soul healing; transcendental harmonies and uplifting sonic sequences. Spiraling harmonic atmospheres create a wash of ambiance that quickly induces a meditative, ecstatic state of being.

The same advanced technology used in the first albums is also used in Inspiration Point, with an added measure of intuitively performed ethereal melodies. This soundtrack runs for a full 60 minutes. You’ll feel revitalized, uplifted and luxuriously relaxed. Heal you soul, and access your inner core of peace and strength.

Many find it incredibly uplifting and use it regularly in their daily lives.  Inspiration Point is perfect for massage and healing sessions. Also, many report that this music helps them feel happier, more energetic, and finally able to get a wonderful night's rest.

What is Neuro-Ambient Music?

Sacred Geometry

All of the Sedona Sound Spa™ albums feature multidimensional sound patterns, wherein fundamental frequencies are combined with their component overtones. This gives the sound an organic, ambient quality that feels natural, smooth and inviting.

The brain produces multiple brainwave frequencies at once. And there are specific sound patterns associated with feelings of pleasure, lightness of being, creativity. This music models the same soundwaves that help you enjoy these same brain statesand more.

The use of fundamental frequencies plus their harmonic overtone series evokes a natural and pleasurable experience of heightened awareness, relaxation and a wonderful feeling of well-being. This unique, and soul-healing music series employs the essence of Sacred Geometry in music, reflecting the patterns and spirals found throughout the Universe. As you resonate with these harmonic patterns, youll feel more and more at one with the essence of Creation..

And there's much moresounds that spiral and dance from ear to ear at frequencies based on a shamanic journeying drumbeat . . . continuously ascending tone patterns take you up, up, up . . . and binaural Earth Frequency tones will tune you into the pulse of our planet.

R. Brian Caldwell

R. Brian CaldwellNeuro-Ambient™ Music Composer

Neuro-Ambient musician and composer, R. Brian Caldwell began exploring the sound/consciousness connection with his wife Suzanne in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 1980's. Together they built and operated "Waters Edge," the Southwest's first public dual flotation/isolation tank facility. Within the tank's dark, silent, and weightless environment, they explored worlds of sound and consciousness using underwater sound transducersspecially designed speakers that transmit sound to the entire body.

From their research, ancient and contemporary sound/mind techniques were combined togetherusing modern technology and custom-built electronics. Their most effective techniques were skillfully blendedusing state-of-the-art equipmentinto the Sedona Sound Spa™ series.

Produced at Caldwell's MetaSonics Sound Studio in magical Sedona, Arizona, Sedona Sound Spa™ integrates techniques developed during his nearly 30-year-long exploration into the sound/mind connectionnow benefiting thousands of users and therapists worldwide.

Please read a few of the unsolicited testimonials and reviews to get a sense of how others are using and enjoying R. Brian Caldwell's incredible Sedona Sound Spa™ series. These are just a few of the wonderful responses to his music that we've received through the years.

We're so convinced that you'll find this music the ideal you've been searching for, that we're offering an easy-going, money-back guarantee with your order. You can buy one, two, or all three soundtracks . . . knowing that it's a risk-free investment in your enhanced sense of well-being. It's been our virtually universal experience that, from all the feedback we've receivedwe're convinced that you'll find yourself enjoying the same benefits experienced by thousands of so many people like you.

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