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Harmonic Planet

Listen to Harmonic Planet . . .
Harmonic Planet CD
For the adventurous soul seeking sonic ecstasy. Ascend into a shimmering universe that seems to transcend time and space. You emerge feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalized. Harmonic Planet CD includes two complete 30 minute soundtracks by R. Brian Caldwell: the underground classic, HARMONIC BRAINWAVE SYNERGY plus ENERGY / ECSTASY.

Creativity Generator ULTRA

Listen to Creativity Generator . . .

Activate and enhance your creative power. Clear the way to receive fresh insight and  manifest more positive results in your life. Listen to the relaxing, swirling sounds. Now, allow yourself to experience an easy flow of vivid insights that will surprise, delight, and inspire you to fulfill your destiny of self-expression! Two 30 minute soundtracks.

Inspiration Point

Listen to Inspiration Point . . .
Inspiration Point CD
Uplifting, inspiring voices invoke peace, joy and lightness of being. Soaring, soothing melodies amid swirling, sparkling, celestial harmonics revitalize body, mind and spirit. This beautiful music is sure to send your spirit soaring. It could change the way you think about sound. Inspiration Point is very highly recommended! Inspiration Point: 60 minutes.

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TestimonialsAmbient Music for Inner Harmony. . .
So Relaxingyet goes far beyond ordinary relaxation music . . .

“Your music is truly a life-saver!”
Pat L., New Mexico

“I feel as though I am literally in Heaven”
Paulette J., Ohio

“I feel that your music is truly inspired by and through Divinity's grace.”
Brian O., Hawaii

“I'm happy for the first time in 10 years. This music makes me see the world in a whole new light.”
G. Mason, Florida

“Absolutely impossible to describe! The depth and inspiring music was honey to my ears. You have just made my life much richer and filled with days of bliss :) thank you!”
Joanne L., Ohio

“Thank you so much for your beautiful work.”
Stephanie J., California

“I am a hypnotherapist. I listened tonight for the first time, and the experience was amazing!”
Lorrie H., New York

“I have had lots of stress in my life and for the first time, while listening to the CD felt so happy. It is amazing! Thank you.”
Maria, California

“Your music has helped me cope through many painful days and it's helped me to finally sleep at night.”
Margaret P., Illinois

“This is the most peaceful, uplifting sound I've heard in my entire life!”
Judy S., North Carolina

“A breathtaking experience!”
Effective Learning Systems

“Effective . . . energizing . . . for an audio CD to affect me strongly three different times was impressive.”
Magical Blend Magazine

“Exemplifies the state-of-the-art search for the Divine.”
Yoga Journal

“A quantum leap in brain entrainment music . . . one of the most pleasurable experiences I know. Get a copy and hear the future.”

“Immensely pleasurable. The sound seems to spiral around my head, making every part of the brain vibrate.”
Resonance Journal

“A shimmering sensory-aesthetic experience, with profound implications for healing or balancing of physical, emotional and/or mental conditions.”
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Forum

“A gentle inner massage in your brain. Spiraling sound patterns expand consciousness as if you are lying in an enormous hall of sound. Very soothing.”
Sono Museik, The Netherlands

“My clients and I are sensuously transformed each time we use Harmonic Planet during a Healing Session. There are no limits to the level of vibration we can attain with the aid of this extraordinary tool. Thanks Brian!”
Chris Jefferson, Reiki Healing, Tottenham, Ontario Canada

“Its cascading and at-times ‘angelic’ sounds are highly relaxing and soothing , , , Anybody suffering from modern-day stresses is bound to enjoy the relief this music offers . . . (the sounds are) conducive to improved functioning and renewed pleasure . . .definitely a pleasurable experience!”
Helen B. Harvey, editor, Rainbow City Express

“I just love your world of harmonies. You see, this is what I've been looking for during the years. You made me float away, drift into another universe and to return filled with new experience of everything that has been beyond my reach, until now!”
Monika G., Sweden

“Dear Brian: This is just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your music. I love to listen to the Creativity Generator as I fall asleep. It puts me in such a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. It elicits deep emotional responses from within my subconscious. I feel as though I am literally in heaven. Please continue producing more of this type of recording.”
Paulette J., Ohio

“I love your CD titled “Harmonic Brainwave Synergy” (now on the Harmonic Planet album) I’ve found it to be especially effective when used in combination with a light/sound entrainment device. Your CD seems to produce a very profound state of relaxation along with vivid imagery . . .and a deep feeling of peace that seems to last several hours after the program is over.”

"It was INCREDIBLE! I felt the sound spiral around my brain. I actually visualized landscapes of intense sound and color. I don't think I have ever felt so free and creative before."
T. Berry

"I find myself drawn to your CDs by the warm high-frequency sounds on them. Perhaps I suffer from high-frequency deprivation and don't know it. Daily listening to your CDs has helped to maintain a good emotional balance throughout the day ... Thanks for producing great products like these."
Jaohn R.

“Dear Brian, Your Energy/Ecstasy (now on the Harmonic Planet album) is wonderful. It is well named! It creates both energy and ecstasy! When I use my ear phones, I am in another dimension, another state of consciousness that is more real than reality. It brings me in touch with who I am and why I am here. Your work is a real contribution to the Earth.”
Barbara P., Arizona

“I've been listening with my headphones on for a week or so. The sounds are so very soothing, it really feels good. Once school starts the music will be most important. Please write to me if you get any more music done. Thank you so.”
Stephanie M., Arizona

“Dear Brian, We have been enjoying your Harmonic Brainwave Synergy every night as we fall asleep for 12 years now. It never fails to induce a relaxed and balanced meditative state after a long day. The blending of music and sound frequencies is like a nightly "brain massage." We wouldn't think of ending a day without it! Thanks Brian!”
Ron & Cheryl Salerno, CT.

"Since buying the Metasonics CD 3 years ago when visiting Sedona, I play it every time I have an acupuncture treatment, accompanied with deep breathing and visualisation exercises. A great synergy occurs."
Allen B., Australia

"Brian Caldwell of Sedona, Arizona has recently come to my attention with the release of all of his works on CD . . . You can get hooked on this stuff. Caldwell's music is sacred geometry. Sonic mandalas gently swirling . . ."
Darv Krizton, KKUP Radio, 91.1fm, San Jose and Santa Cruz, CA

"I had a bout with insomnia which I never had before. Most distressing was the fact that the insomnia persisted for more than a month. I remembered the CD, and I put it on my headphones while trying to sleep. I actually got relaxed enough to sleep, and felt really good the next day. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!"
Love, Daryle F. New York

"Brian, Hello, this is Eugene Filipowicz, Host and Producer of CRYSTALLINE FRONTIERS on KSUA 91.5 FM . . . Your music has been quite popular on the show."
Eugene Filipowicz, KSUA 91.5FM, Fairbanks, Alaska

"Hi Brian, thought you'd appreciate this response from a guy I met who I recommended your CDs to. He was in a severe accident which left him with terrible headaches, slurred speech, insomnia and unbalanced equilibrium. Talked to him last Friday and the CDs have helped him tremendously. He said he's a new man and so grateful for the sound therapy. Another minor miracle by Metasonics!!!"
RONO (the next email is from the person mentioned in this message)
"Thanks so much for the info about MetaSonic CDs. I ordered all three that Saturday & received them the following Tuesday ... Ron you were right about how great those CDs are. I was so impressed by the positive relaxed feeling during, & the refreshing energized feeling upon awakening in the morning!! I've noticed a huge difference in the quality of sleep!! Thank you so much!!"

"I use Harmonic Brainwave Synergy to relax my mind after reading, especially books that involve physics, as it causes my mind to absorb what I've read, and induces levels of awareness that border on epiphanic. I've sent ideas and thoughts from the results of this one to some well known physicists, such as Michio Kaku, and Stephen Hawking. It truly is my most favorite. I use Energy/Ecstasy to stop my mind when I need to recharge my ability to think clearly in both computer programming and formulating hypothetical theories in quantum mechanics ... it really does the job. I use Creativity Generator to go to sleep ... sound silly? It's not, and I do. I use Inspiration Point on occasion for when the job stress gets out of hand. When I get upset from stress or strain I just lay down in bed, relax and listen to the vocalaise. I usually fall asleep refreshed and a bit more calmer than when I started."
Darrell K.

"Hello Brian, I have been using your music in healing sessions and enjoy them very much, thank you for your wonderful contribution to sound healing."
Dave B., Phoenix, Arizona